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The characters represent the Seven Deadly Sins.
  • Henry Hill is envy.
    • He always wanted to be a mobster, and even when he is one he envies the "made men."
  • Jimmy Conway is pride.
    • He is one of the most smug characters in film history, constantly going against Paulie and killing whomever he deems unnecessary.
  • Tommy Devito is wrath.
    • Do I really need to explain?
  • Paulie Cicero is gluttony.
    • Nearly every scene he's in involves food in some way.
  • Karen Hill is lust.
    • Even when she wants to leave Henry, she admits his gangster lifestyle turns her on.
  • Morrie Kessler is greed.
    • He is constantly complaining about not having his money. Constantly.
  • Johnny Roastbeef is sloth.
    • After pulling of the heist, he carelessly purchases a car.

Henry Hill currently lives in Texas.
  • Eventually, the Witness Protection Program moved him into a neighborhood in a small town, complete with a cover story and three government agents as his best friends. To make the idea that he was a normal citizen more realistic, one of them is a Conspiracy Theorist, one is a fat Army barber, and one of them is a womanizing Texas Ranger. Henry currently has a son, a dog, and a job selling propane and propane accessories.
    • Considering the newspaper he picks up from his doorstep at the end is the Youngstown Vindicator, it’s very unlikely he’s in Texas.

Tommy really was annoyed with Henry saying he was funny.
  • Henry can see Tommy's upset, even if he doesn't understand why, it doesn't matter. So he does a last-ditch effort before Tommy pummels him; play the whole thing off as one of Tommy's jokes. Tommy goes along with it because it allows him to save face and he gets to make Henry look foolish in front of everyone.

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