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Heartwarming / GoodFellas

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  • Henry goes and beats the guy that groped Karen:
    Guy: What do you want, fucko? You want some?
    Henry: *immediately beats him in the face with a gun about fifteen times* I swear on my fucking mother, if you touch her again, you're dead!" *hits him again*
  • After beating Batts to death and moving the body, Tommy apologizes to Henry in his own way.
    Tommy: I didn't wanna get blood on your floor.
  • Jimmy's Manly Tears after Tommy is killed, showing that underneath the psychopathic nature, he did have a good friend he cared about and meant something to him.
    • This also shows when Jimmy and Tommy tells Henry about Tommy being made. Jimmy actually seems more excited than Tommy, acting like a proud father who's son made it into Harvard. Jimmy beams, "We're all going to work for this guy some day!", not even caring that he's basically going to take a back seat theoretically in the crew he runs. He's just so happy that his protegé accomplished something an Irish-born like Henry and Jimmy couldn't.
  • It's implied that Paulie intentionally gave himself contempt of court so he could be there for Henry during his first year in jail.
    • The above is borne out by Paulie's reaction when a young Henry is first arrested ["Hey, you popped your cherry!"], acting like a proud papa who just saw his son win the science fair. Paulie, though gruff and very stern with his running his crew, nevertheless seemed to take a personal, almost fatherly interest in Henry, counseling him to go back home to his wife Karen, and to stay away from drugs- not just because it's bad for business overall , but because they will ruin your life. And Paulie was obviously deeply hurt by Henry's eventual betrayal.
  • Tommy's relationship with his mother.
  • A young Henry helping out a man who was just stabbed.
  • When Henry goes to pick up his brother Michael at the hospital during his last day as a mobster, a doctor notices how terrible he looks (due to stress and drug abuse) and insists on giving him a physical and provides him with some Valium. It doesn't really help Henry (who has a very tight schedule to keep) but it's still a touching little moment in an otherwise truly awful day for him.
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  • It's not much, but...Henry is a violent, drug-dealing asshole, an accomplice to murder and an unfaithful husband, but from the moment he first truly notices Karen, she's the only character besides himself that he cares about. She is justly furious about his girlfriends but even when he wakes up to find her pointing a gun at his face, he's more annoyed that she would go to the trouble of trying to scare him. It doesn't make either of them want to leave each other. When the *** really hits the fan and she destroys his valuable drug stash, he panics and screams at her, but hours later they are sleeping in each others' arms and he's got a gun in his hand, ready to defend them both. When he goes into witness protection, he admits that he can't do it without her.


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