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Anime Hakuno is not the real Hakuno
And I don't mean by Adaptation Personality Change, Fan Dumb, the fact that Female Haruno is canon here or any other reason. I mean that Hakuno was either killed and replaced during the thousand year Time Skip or Came Back Wrong due to the power of the dead face.
  • In short, Anime Hakuno is the amalgam of every single Hakuno that the player got a "Game Over" with before restarting the game? He's the physical embodiment of "New Game +" character?
  • Yes and No. Turns out he is the amalgam of every master who has died. To be exact, he is all their hate in the body of the last master to die (Female Hakuno)
  • Out of curiosity will this make Anime Hakuno eligible to replace Sasuke as the God of revenge in the Trope Pantheon since he is literally made of revenge?

Amari will be a villain of some sort as the series progresses
It's clear that she has a beef with Rin and with the massive changes from the game it's likely that Leo and Gawain will be reduced to Monster of the Week status so Amari could step in as a female counterpart to Shinji for Rin to oppose.

Last Encore is an official fan fiction
Let's be honest this shit is too weird even for Type MOON standards. The anime must have been some doujinshi or internet fanfic that got picked up by Nasu and made into a show similar to Sonic Mania.

The anime takes place after a game over in Fate/Extra
Basically the entire anime is a For Want of a Nail if Hakuno lost to the final boss and died. Female Hakuno is the original Hakuno NPC from Fate/Extra. And because he lost and died the world went to pot thanks to Twiceman. The flashbacks and quite possibly the first episode are actually memories of either NPC Hakuno or one of the dead masters that compose anime Hakuno with Hakuno taking the place of the dead guy and since the story is told from Hakuno's POV it's possible that he is hallucinating that Shinji recognizes him or Shinji has gone even crazier and thinks that anime Hakuno is NPC Hakuno.

The anime is not an adaptation of the game, it's a sequel.

There are too many inconsistencies and mentions of the date. While the personalities of some Servants might be attributed to Alternate Character Interpretation, in some cases, notably Robin Hood and Alice/Nursery Rhyme, it's as likely to have been the result of Character Development, especially since Alice is mentioned to have met Hakunot before. That could have happened in the game, with the anime being their reunion.

Misao will have some form of connection to a canon character after all.