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Koba is alive.
The Stinger sounds a lot like an ape gasping for breath as it emerges from rubble. And there already is a threequel planned. Maybe we haven't seen the last of Koba.
  • By any chance is there a possibility that Dreyfus is alive as well?
    • Well, only one of them can be. If both had survived the explosion, one of them would have swiftly killed the other on sight. Only way both could escape alive is if one was or faked unconsciousness longer. Even that isn't foolproof, Dreyfus might check and make sure Koba's dead and Koba seems the type that would mutilate a dead body just because.
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    • That would be quite the trick, considering Dreyfus was at ground zero of a C4-based explosion designed to bring down a 30 story building. The protagonist barely survives (and technically shouldn't have) this explosion.

Koba will create a nuclear war

After being rejected from the apes, he will take a Kill Them All policy, and manipulate people into starting a nuclear war.

An ape will try one final time for peace, But he will be killed for the same reasons Caesar said at the end.
"Ape start war, and man will not forgive." While an ape might try to explain it was a rogue element of their band that started war, the carnage will speak for itself, and thus the war of the planet of the apes will only get worse from their. Bonus points for Caesar to lose one of his friends to this attempt like Rocket, Maurice or one of his sons.

Both sides were manipulated into war by the Incubators.
Spoilers for Puella Magi Madoka Magica to follow. With fewer humans (specifically, fewer adolescent girls) to exploit for energy, the Incubators must turn to a new source, and they have one on this planet in the form of the super-intelligent apes. Problem is, under Caesar's peaceful rule, apes have no real reason to accept a wish from an Incubator. So the Incubators manipulated both sides to provoke them into war, providing them with both humans and apes more willing to make a wish in exchange for becoming a Puella Magi.

Not only is North Korea perfectly fine, thanks to government censorship its inhabitants aren't even aware that the rest of the world collapsed
  • Honestly? I imagine they died from starvation rather than Simian Flu. I mean, isn't food their biggest import?

Iceland is also perfectly fine
Based solely on the fact that in the opening Spreading Disaster Map Graphic Iceland seemed to be completely untouched by the virus

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