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The cootie virus is just the beginning of the Crossed outbreak.
Think about it. The virus doesn't just make someone violent and cannibalistic, it still makes them retain their intelligence. Now I know that most Crossed can be quite dumb since they're more concerned with doing sadistic acts, but some Crossed have been known to show some cunning, which can be quite scary. Also, the infected children don't just discard the corpses of the people they ate, they like to mutilate them further for their own entertainment, something the Crossed are also fond of. For all we know, the virus could begin to develop until it becomes a full-blown Crossed virus.
  • Alternatively, the Cootie virus does not become the Crossed virus, but it would still mutate to the point that it affects babies, children, teenagers, and adults.
Had there been no zombie outbreak, Patriot would have grown up to be either a white supremacist or a war criminal
Sure, he meant well and seemed to express a desire to become a marine to avenge New York City over the 9/11 incident....but check out how insanely racist he is when he describes Arabs! Since he wants to be a marine, imagine all that racism + firepower, hand-to-hand combat and military essence, he would have grown up to be either a human version of Dolph Lundgren's character from Universal Soldier (just swap Vietnamese people with Arabic People) or a really racist (possibly even white supremacist) version of DC Comics' Rick Flagg.
Maybe Clint's story about New York is half-true
  • In the sense that he did in fact become a writer in New York.....but he kept getting fired from every company that hired him.
The sequel will be the 2nd part of a three part trilogy
  • The first movie is about zombie children, the second will be about teenagers, then the final film will chronicle college-aged students. Yet the latter two films will shift focus on a different group of teachers.
    • So, zombie kids, then zombie teens, and then zombie college kids....
    • How about a fourth film with zombie 30-something/40-something adults, a fifth film with zombie middle-agers, and a sixth film with zombie elderly people?
Lucy will end up falling in love with both Wade and Clint
In this idea, she'll consider that Clint was a bit manipulative....but she will also consider that Wade was not exactly innocent either.
  • Or, in a twist that wouldn't be too out of place, Lucy realize that both men aren't good for her and she breaks up with both of them. Then Clint and Wade end up becoming a couple.
  • Fair enough, but I was thinking making original gay characters, like, say, a loose Expy of Bill from the Last of Us, or a gay rights activist who has to team up with a conservative traditionalist in order to fight the zombies.
This movie will be the start to a horror comedy (or even multi-genre) cinematic universe.
Expies of other protagonists from different zombie-related movies/tv shows/video games will appear in sequels.
Wade emotionally abused Lucy before the outbreak
See how Wade is an asshole to her over the slightest implication that she may have feeling for Clint? This WMG would also explain why Lucy keeps repressing her emotions until her eventual outburst mid-movie.
The virus is a manifestation of children's inner emotional demons.
Somehow, Expies of characters from Non-Zombie Movies/TV Shows/Video Games will appear in sequels.
This movie is meant to be a deconstruction of the Pro-Life Movement.
A sequel will have a human Big Bad.
After the upcoming sequel is released, the third movie would be a What if? scenario where Patriot lived long enough to successfully grow up to be a Marine.... and it will be a military-themed horror-comedy.

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