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The producers hired Nelson Riddle as the composer as a Stealth Pun.
..."It all adds up to a sinister riddle... Riddle-er. Riddler?"
  • What, is that some kind of joke? Joke... The Joker's plotting to overtake this page! Alert the Commissioner at once!
    • C for Commissioner... C for Catwoman!
      • This whole idea is for the birds...Birds! The Penguin is in charge!
The United Underworld's dehydration plot was an allegory for nuclear war.
Those rehydrated goons actually survived!
  • Hear me out on this one. Batman stated that the goons were turned into antimatter, but since nothing... you know... exploded in a massive fireball of matter-antimatter annihilation, something must not have worked right. In the DC universe, which Batman is at least theoretically part of, there's such a thing as the Antimatter Universe, home to the Weaponeers of Qward, the Crime Syndicate, and the Anti-Monitor. We do see that it is possible to travel to there, and in some cases, your anti-matter structure will be pulled back to there without negative side-effects. So it might be possible that those thugs were simply transported to Antimatter Gotham, although given they'll probably show up in Owlman's cave... this probably isn't a great thing.
    • If its an Antimatter version of 1966 Gotham....they’ll be alright.
Robin somehow sabotaged the process of separating the dehydrated delegates.
  • It's an odd coincidence that the delegates ended up mixed up just as Robin suggested doing.

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