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  • Why would The Riddler react to a "do-gooder organization" like the Wayne Foundation with disgust? Disgust is more than dislike; it is the emotional reaction against potential contamination or taint and is linked to the instinct to vomit unhealthy food. Calling such groups naive, foolish, wasteful, easy prey would be standard villain patter, but in the movie and through the 1960s TV series, villains seem to feel outright disgust or nauseated loathing at the idea of charity and philanthropy. It happens often enough in the series history that this doesn't seem to be mere word choice or coincidence. So what gives?
  • Where were those hidden cameras? Why were all the villains mugshots taken in Ms. Kitka's apartment?
    • Obviously that was Catwoman's apartment - being evil doesn't mean they aren't frugal. I assume The Riddler had them taken and sent them to the police department after they escaped. The hidden cameras are exactly where they needed to be.
    • How come Bruce didn't recognize the scenery when he came by for his date with Ms. Kitka?
      • What's to say he DIDN'T? given his insane-level Bat Deductions, he might well have known it was Catwoman all along, and just went along to get some nookie.
      • The fact that he's disappointed when Catwoman is unmasked at the end to reveal "Ms. Kitka" suggests that he didn't realize it. Blinded by lust, perhaps?
      • Well, in the very first scene in which he meets "Ms. Kitka" (at Commissioner Gordon's office), he flirts with her Batman style.
  • If the Penguin only gave the Navy his P.O. box, where did they deliver the submarine to?
    • They kept it behind the counter at the post office and put a little slip in his box.
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    • Alternatively, the Penguin might have sailed the submarine straight out of wherever it was docked, and he just got them to send the receipt to his P.O. box so he could get a refund in case anything went wrong with the submarine.
  • Why is the Bat-Shark Repellent in the Batcopter? How many sharks do they think they're going to run into flying around?
    • He's Batman. He's not just Crazy-Prepared, he's Batman prepared. Besides, it happens.
    • To hell with the Shark Repellent, why does he have Whale Repellent? And if he has that, why does he need the other three?
      • Anything that would repel a whale would probably be fatal to a much smaller creature. Batman doesn't want to kill them.
  • Why do the Joker and Penguin don domino masks when invading the UN Summit? One wears a signature purple suit and the other has a pink hat and irregular nose. It's not like their identities are any safer.
    • It seems to work just fine for Robin.
    • Robin hasn't been in jail several times, and thus doesn't have a known identity. The villains, however, are so distinctive that you're going to say, "Hey, it's The Joker!" whether he's got a domino mask on or not.
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    • It’s just stylish. Oh, and they also find them terribly comfortable. Everyone will be wearing them in the future.
    • It also provides them with a certain cooperative team spirit. You will notice that the scenes in which all four are wearing masks are the only scenes in the entire film when they fully work together as a team without any bickering.
  • How come on some days, I just can't get rid of a bomb?
    • You're just being shy. All you need to do is politely ask the nuns to get out of the way.
  • The Gotham police have a direct land-line connection between their HQ and the Batcave (the red phone). How has this never been used to figure out Batman's secret identity? Presumably the GCPD respect Batman too much to try, but why haven't the villains ever thought of trying to trace incoming or outgoing calls from that phone?
  • So, dehydrated people are put into test tubes. But when they are rehydrated, the test tubes just disappear. How?
    • It actually makes things worse when you think about it: The test tubes of the UWO reps were held by stock science lab metal clamps. So not only did everyone get glass bits into them, but apparently the spines of the reps. now contain straight metal rods...
  • How did Batman survive the bomb? It looks like he just ran offscreen, only to reappear alive.
    • He hid behind some metal poles.
  • Just saw this movie for the first time in years. When Batman and Robin are trapped on the buoy with the 3 torpedoes coming at them, the Joker and Penguin celebrate loudly and clearly when the third one seems to kill Batman. The Riddler does not. Instead, he appears very thoughtful, even putting his finger to his lips a la the Thinker. Any ideas on why he'd do that?
    • The Riddler is probably just thinking "I wonder if that actually killed him", which is an important thought for a villain.
    • Or "what shall I do now that there's no one who can solve my riddles?"
    • Throughout the TV series, Frank Gorshin's Riddler had always alternated his manic moments with a pensive melancholy such as found in no other major arch-criminal at the time.
  • Can someone explain the optics involved in the four-way periscope? Even with counterweights it just seems like that periscope would be too heavy if the optics get too complicated.
  • The Joker mentioned having a "trick confetti" weapon and threatened to incapacitate a cat with it. What would that do, exactly?
    • The name seems to imply that the confetti is a "trick." Maybe the confetti is poison or is actually tiny razors?
    • Animated versions of the Joker have used bazookas that shoot long streamers of confetti that instantly surround his victims like a mummy. Presumably a similar principle was the idea here.
      • Yep. The Joker used mummy-confetti pretty heavily in earlier episodes of this show.

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