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Dietrich is an alien.

  • He says he was born "a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away" while attached to a lie detector, and the lie detector says he's telling the truth. In another episode where Wojo says he thinks he saw a UFO, Dietrich strongly implies that he's an alien.
    More and more people are becoming convinced that there is other intelligent life in the universe. And they recognize the possibility that these creatures may have already made exploratory journeys here. Some also believe that these aliens have already entered our society and at this very moment are living among us. gives knowing smile

Scanlon was a Corrupt Cop.

  • He ran a protection racket on the side, and happily accepted bribes from high-level criminals to keep their actions off the books. The real reason he treated the detectives of the 12th Precinct with such contempt was because he believed that all cops in the end were as crooked as he was.
    • He would later be taken down by a sting operation led by Barney Miller himself. One of the officers who proved instrumental in his final arrest was a young lieutenant named Victoria Gates. This case prompted her to choose a career in Internal Affairs, as she decided that a crooked cop was the worst kind of criminal.

Richard Castle was a fan of Ron Harris' novels.

  • Harris wrote a handful of novels after resigning from the NYPD. While he was never a huge success, he was able to make a decent living as a writer. His books would help inspire Castle to become a writer himself.

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