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Visual Novel / Rental Boyfriends

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You'll never skip work again!

Rental Boyfriends (also known as Rental BFs) is a romance visual novel made by OKKO/Arithmetic. It's available for free (with optional in-game purchases) on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

When Yuzuha goes to visit her uncle, Motoki, who's collapsed because of stress from overworking himself, she's surprised to find a bunch of cute guys are visiting him, too. She doesn't know any of them, despite having lived with her uncle for a while; this is how she finds out about Motoki's side business, called Lipstick Kiss. It's a service aimed at women, who can pay to have any of the employees to take them on dates and experience "a fairytale romance". (A couple of the guys even come with "options", meaning they offer sex as part of their services.)

At first, Yuzuha doesn't know what to think of her uncle's side business. But because he's going to be out of commission for a while, and because she wants to help him, she finds herself volunteered as the temporary manager of Lipstick Kiss.


Of course, this puts her in close proximity with seven hot guys who basically charm women for a living. She handles their schedules, sets up dates with clients, and... manages to fall in love with one of them. The longer Yuzuha works at Lipstick Kiss, the more she finds out that she could learn a lot from this world they've created, and from these guys.

This visual novel provides examples of:

  • Camp Gay: One of Lipstick Kiss' other 'behind-the-scenes' employees, Hisao, is gay, and he's pretty flamboyant.
  • Cast Full of Pretty Boys: Basically the whole idea behind Lipstick Kiss. The guys in the cast are all different in looks and personality, but they're all extremely attractive men.
  • Gay Best Friend: Hisao, sort of. He works at Lipstick Kiss, he's gay, and over the course of the game he becomes one of Yuzuha's best friends.
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  • Hello, [Insert Name Here]: The protagonist's name by default is Yuzuha Seto. However, the player can change both her first and last name if they want to.
  • Ladykiller in Love: Aito Hozumi, if the player chooses his route. He's one of the most popular guys in-universe for clients to book, and he seduces every single one of them... but he's able to turn that charm on and off very quickly. He doesn't feel any real love or affection for his clients. In fact, he even starts out hating Yuzuha because of her hesitance to get involved in Lipstick Kiss.
  • Straight Gay: Yuzuha's uncle, Motoki. It's mentioned that he's gay in some beginning narration, but he's not campy at all, and his sexuality isn't really mentioned in conversation all that much.
  • The Charmer: Most of the guys know how to turn on the charm, especially when they're out on dates. Aito stands out because he can turn his charm on and off like it's a light switch.

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