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Video Game / COVID '99: Paddle Royale

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Covid 99: Paddle Royale, also known as and located at, is a game released in 2020. It's a hybrid of .io Game and Battle Royale Game, with its theme being the COVID-19 Pandemic. You have to bounce COVID-19 viruses with a paddle and a refillable blast ability to 49 other players. Getting hit with a virus raises your temperature, which causes you to lose if you reach 104 degrees. You can send viruses to others every so often and select how you target the other players.


This game provides examples of:

  • Anachronism Stew: The game is set in 1999, yet computers can send a computer virus known as "Covid" and kill people through the World Wide Web with it.
  • Our Lawyers Advised This Trope: The title screen, starting from version 1.1, has a note that reads "This game does not qualify as medical advice!"
  • Retraux: The title screen gives off the impression of an old TV screen and 80s aesthetic, but the game looks fairly modern otherwise.
  • Scoring Points: You earn 100 points every time you bounce a virus and 500 every time you damage an opponent. They don't count for the final placement, though.
  • Shout-Out: The second-lowest threat level is "Mostly Harmless".