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During the month of May, World Of Warcraft hosts an in-game holiday called "Children's Week", where the player takes on an orphan as a ward for the duration. One of the quests available during the event has you taking the orphan to a headquarters (of sorts) of the bronze dragonflight — who are keepers time and essentially a rather tame version of Clock Roaches — where the child in question asks for, wait for it, a toy dragon that happens to be on a nearby vendor. Thus this troper was born.


Despite an appreciation for dragons, the troper in question does not consider herself a "furry" and is generally neutral about the subculture on a whole.

Toydragon (or what should have probably been Toy Dragon, but capitalization is hard) stumbled across TV Tropes one day during a Bones kick and fell in love ever since. Her contributions are no more than your average troper, mostly in the form of adding more substance/trope lists to various pages, but unfortunately due to discovering TV Tropes rather late in its life she hasn't been able to produce trope pages like some of the older more established members. She hopes with time, however, that she can stand with the great and mighty contributors. With that said, you're likely to come across pages started by her for obscure or neglected anime. When she stops being lazy, that is.


Toydragon is 23 years old and an aspiring artist with a very distant dream of becoming a voice actor. Not much else can be said that a list of tropes can't cover.

This troper has either created or extensively worked on:

This troper provides examples of:

  • Blue Eyes
  • Closet Geek / Proud to Be a Geek: Actually fits both tropes. Use to be much more secretive about her geekiness, but has come to openly embrace it. Still, the true extent of geekiness is largely kept to herself; most friends just see the tip of the iceberg. It's not so much trying to hide it as the topic never really comes up.
  • Fiery Redhead: Subverted. She's rather calm and collected, with a few minor outbursts.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: What can I say?
  • Hollywood Nerd: Averted. She looks nothing like your typical Hollywood Nerd and has no trouble socializing.

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