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also btw i just got to chapter 6 in bug fables dont spoil it its one of the only games im going in blind to


you know who i am.

   and i know you. so lets get this over with.   

cough hey! im blankb. im an ordinary dude, but if you care about pronouns im he/him. im a fan of madness combat and miitopia, i also like the giver and the quartet of it. unwind is good too. but other than that? im your typical guy with (now short :( ) hair. now for some honorable mentions of stuff i wanted to put on here...


l and g are kinda my ocs. l is a more tactical fighter while g is a head on fighter. perfect pair.

why is there an edit lock.

also please im scared to do it but i want to edit madness project nexus 2 but im too scared

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    cool things aboot me 

  • im cool guy

  • i play minecraft, username is orakunotgreat, if u wanna find me im on java.

  • i think that heavy is dead


another thing, i hope this dosent offend you but i really dont care about pronouns. i just dont see the point. feel free to make an entire rant about it but i just dont care.

  • tf2 is also kinda cool i guess.
  • im 13. woooo.
  • positive things about me are
  • negative things about me are that im really not funny. im kinda stalker-y-ish. and im also just lazy. im a procrastinator.
  • a thing i hate: if your video game has customizable guns, there better not be a meta. if i use the guns i like and get killed because im not using the "m4a4 red dot muzzle brake forgrip extended barrel + ratio" and im using "m14 with suppressor". thats not fun.

    cool media besides whats up there 

just most valve games.


    metal gear rising revengeance themes 
even though they are all 10/10
  • 1. the only thing i know for real
  • 2. it has to be this way
  • 3. a stranger i remain
  • 4. stains of time
  • 5. collective conciousness
  • 6. red sun
  • 7. hot wind blowing
  • 8. rules of nature
  • 9. im my own master now

    quotes about blankb by real poets 

"There's a noticeable bit of character development going on here. Starts off fairly standard, mostly Madness Combat but with a handful of others, and then... Oops! All Furret."

"good morning. can i interest you in our lord and savior furret"
PurpleEyedGuma explaining literally me circa here

also enjoyer of mooks of all kinds