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Queen of Swords is a twenty-something year old consummate geek with a keen interest in the arts and a strong tendency to Squee over High Octane Nightmare Fuel. She has been tabletop and online role-playing for about five years now and is also beginning to get into acting as a hobby. A few months ago, one of her online friends linked her to TV Tropes, and she's been troping ever since. Her name is based off the Minor Arcana card of Tarot, the Queen of Swords (OF COURSE!), and although she has a tendency towards True Neutral, especially as she tends to be concerned with balance as a principle, she has run the gamut of all the Neutral alignments in the past, save Neutral Evil. She's Christmas Cake and proud of it.

Pages she's created:

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In Dungeons And Dragons, the Queen of Swords would be a bard. In Final Fantasy, she would be a black mage/dancer.

  • Sorry to barge in, but you are officially this troper's hero.
    • Mine too. Thank you for showing that there are still epically awesome people in the world.