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YMMV / Queen of Swords

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  • Foe Yay: Grisham and the Queen. The episode "End of Days" is a prime example. Also, Montoya and the Queen, with her alter ego Tessa having minor Foe Yay with both Grisham and Montoya.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: "The Return" puts up a good game, acting like Marta really is going to go adventuring with her childhood love. Look, he's a thief, but he protests killing! And both their reputations in Santa Helena are pretty much shot anyways! And Mistress Tessa approves! And diverts Colonel Montoya's soldiers without needing a last-minute rescue! And... Marta is back with her mistress by episode's end.
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  • Magnificent Bastard: Montoya. Arguably the only sensible character on the entire show.
  • Screwed by the Lawyers: The show was canceled after a lawsuit ordered that no more episodes be aired until the "created by" be amended to include a person who sued the producers. A second lawsuit over the rights to Zorro only made matters worse.

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