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Female, has lived her whole life, which started 27 February 1994, in Eastern lower Michigan. Is about five-foot nine, with long dark hair that she can't control and skin that burns when she gets too close to a forty-watt bulb....

I love it when people actually respond to the "Describe [Trope] here." thing instead of just describing the trope. The word "trope" is fun to say. Try saying it out loud a few times. Just do. Trope, trope, trope, trope....


Ellipses are my only friends. Well, not my only friends, but they're little glowing friends, but really, they're not actually my friends. If I can think of a way to get a Pot Hole into a sentence, I will try, even though I hate typing. Also, whenever I am talking about a specific thing I will probably put it in "quotation marks". I like International English as opposed to American English.

Tropes that apply include:

I'll add more here when I a) have more time, b) can think of some stuff to add, and c) think someone might care.


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