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This guy's kinda odd.
Hi! I'm Krixwell. Which I guess you already know since it's in the page title. If you don't, however, I'm Krixwell.

I'm a Norwegian male teenager with quite a few quirks. I'm pretty random and illogical at times, but in an oddly logical way. That doesn't make sense, but I'm sure it makes sense, somehow, which doesn't make sense either. The only possible explanation for this is squirrels. My favorite number is 404, and my favorite genre is comedy or dramedy (I don't like pure drama much).

I'm the author of the Web Comic Com'c! (You should check it out. *hint hint*)

Besides making Com'c, I'm a big fan of webcomics, and like finding new ones to read. I sometimes end up reading three or four at a time plus some I've caught up with. I like it when a webcomic has a commentary. note 

Some of my favorite works:


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