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Well it took me awhile but I've finally wrote a trope page about. Don't expect much. Anyway I'm a big fan of anime/manga and light novel as well as pro wrestling. Also I'm an avid gamer.

  • Baltimore: My hometown
  • Berserk Button: Getting ignored, bashing characters, Uchiha, spamming in fighting games, Naruto harem fics especially crossover, Hinata fainting in fanfics, the word teme not being used as a pronoun.
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  • Driven to Suicide: Downplayed, I had thoughts but never tried anything.
  • Heroic BSoD: Was diagnosed with depression.
  • Never Bareheaded: Unless I'm in my house I almost never take off my hat/cap.
  • The Quiet One: I don't talk much
  • New York: Where I currently reside.

Vandalism is appreciated as long as you're cordial.


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