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That's me, by the way.

Hello there, fellow Tropers.

I discovered this site around 6/21/2010, at a roleplaying forum I follow. The first article I saw was Exactly What It Says on the Tin, and I was immediately hooked on this wiki. My favorite tropes would definitely be Magnificent Bastard, Hero Killer, and others that I'm not going to bother mentioning.

I'm a real life example of someone who blurs the line between Jerkass and Jerk with a Heart of Gold. I also want to find love, be unique, have good friends, and be really cool.

I spend much of my time pondering a multitude of topics, reviewing characters and stories in my head, and making my own.

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    Friends List 
  • Almost everyone who is participating in the epic that is Welcome to Beacon: Ultimate. Of particular note:
    • Grim Helm: Like a Kuya I never had.
    • Aquatica1000: For helping me prepare with dealing with my sister when she gets to be your age.
    • Romanian Inquisitor
    • Troyand Hawk
    • Taco