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Roleplay / Percy Jackson And The War Of The Gods

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Percy Jackson And The War Of The Gods is an RPG on this very forum which, as the name suggests, is set in the Percy Jackson universe. The RP is currently ran and GM'ed by the Troper Bamack1, although he is currently searching for a co-GM. The basic plotline is that the numerous Gods of Egypt have awakened and seek to overthrow the Greek gods, who currently rest over America, and the players have to find a way to prevent this. The Greek God's are unable to assist with this because, currently, all of them except Hades and Eurus know of this plot, and also because the Greek Gods are unable to interfere with certain matters of Demigods. And, unfortunately for them, the players were assigned a quest to hold against 'Egypt's might', now meaning that most godly help, at least for a while, isn't possible.


There are currently a number of players, including: Spiralalg, TestYourMight, ZidaneFlameMouse, vanthebaron, Crewe, MichaelFlame, Domination, TheMeddler and SimpleSAI. Although they are soon to be joined by Gaprop.

Here are the links for the thread and it's relations: The RP, The signup thread and The Discussion. And lastly, recap page!

More will be added in future.



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