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An awesome guy who should be loved and once kicked a football 500m through an office window. Super manly and a total badass, tougher than Chuck Norris, and the smartest person in the universe, which he created.

Has a heart of gold even though he completely decimates everyone at everything he does and is as cruel and ruthless as Joseph Stalin. Would be pretentious if he wasn't just so freaking cool. Discovers new scientific theories by day and fights communism by night, while still maintaining his super-atheist views and playing by nobody's rules. Once broke 33 pencils that were made out of steel and tossed a meteor that was about to hit earth into a hostile alien fleet.


His plans are so complex and genius that no one can ever outsmart him, but he has minor short term memory loss and thus is not perfect. Everyone loves him except for that one girl and she doesn't know what she's missing. Always persues the nerdy girl cause he's cool like that, and eats a hearty breakfast of rusty sawblades in molten iron.

Tropes that describe him:

V - Worship me below - V

You have neglected to mention how you are Brilliant, but Lazy. -Air Of Mystery

... and a Deadpan Snarker. - SunshineWerewolf


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