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Why not. I'm a 12-year old girl and I can pretty much be summed up as a Wide-eyed Cloudcuckoolander who has an obsession with Harry Potter, Disney movies, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Les Miserables, the original Star Wars trilogy,, Earthbound, Phineas And Ferb, The Sims, Mythbusters, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Weird Al Yankovic, The Beatles, Monty Python, Team Starkid, The Producers, The Muppets, Book of Mormon, and Daft Punk. I've been mostly lurking here for a while now, but I figured I should make an account.


I hate homophobia, both sides of sexism, hypocrites, and just plain stupidity in general. I'm also annoyed by people who can't go 5 seconds without shouting or swearing. I usually only swear when I'm REALLY angry or frustrated. I also find porn to be grossly overrated, but I'm a kid, so what do I know?

My thought selection process kinda works at random. I don't think I have ADD or anythi-- man, is chocolate awesome or what? Eh, sorry bout' that. Anyway, this is really annoying because I tend to speak my thoughts aloud and since they're mostly songs I have stuck in my head or me talking to myself, I look really weird. So I think I'll fit in! ;)

You know, if I were a TGWTG contributor and by some crazy chance, got to be in Suburban Knights, I would totally be Pinkie Pie. What? It's fantasy and they went on a quest in the pilot. Besides, it would be pretty hilarious. I would keep going back and forth between teams by literally walking into the next scenes. Like, I would just walk off the screen and show up on the other team, but they would react like I just walked into thin air and vanished. I'd probably spend most of the movie annoying everything with my incessant perkiness, but then there would be a scene where I go up to an enemy, ask it to come make cupcakes with me, be mysteriously absent for a while, and show up later with a tray of cupcakes that all look suspiciously like the enemy I was last seen talking to. I would act perfectly unaware of it and be perky as usual, but everyone would look at me in horror and try to be as nice to me as possible from that point on.


Of course, my imaginary TGWTG persona is freaking insane, so maybe that's why. Her name is Rita Fields and she locks herself inside her house all day with her computer, her piano, her plushies, and her delusions that she has a twin sister named Lucy Fields and isn't just talking to herself all the time. Normally, she'll seem positive and outgoing, but she's absolutely terrified of real people and vehemently avoids crossovers. Essentially, when she's on her own, she's Pinkie Pie. When she's with others, she's Fluttershy. Rita also has some pretty disturbing fantasies of a lot of the TGWTG guys she crushes on (Doug, Lewis, Noah, Todd, etc). Lucy is the cynical side of her that notices how bucked up she is and keeps trying to bring her back to reality. Why Rita is like this, I don't really know. Whatever fits the circumstance, I guess.


In other words, Rita is so freaking nuts that what she ends up doing to that certain enemy is actually in-character for her and isn't just a "Cupcakes" reference.

"...Why am I so lonely...? No, I'm happy. I'm really, really, reallyreallyreallyreally happy. Why would I ever think otherwise?" ~ What you'll usually hear from her.


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