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Greenmantle is a long-term British Lurker (who was lurking before The Great Crash) that has finally got around to becoming a troper (as of February 2010).

If you are looking for the second Robert Hannay novel, try here.

This troper provides examples of:

Removed for Revision.


Vandalism BELOW:

Yay, another Ghost In The Shell and Black Lagoon fan! -@Shichibukai

I've seen you around both the aviation and Kyon Big Damn Hero threads: unusual set of interests that we share, no? Thus, dropping by and saying hi. —Sabre's Edge


Having things you plan to read or watch always strikes me as a wonderful way of never getting round to it. But I procrastinate a lot. - Raineh Daze

Sherlock Holmes, NCIS, Black Lagoon. You have good taste. - Stolen By Faeries

Ooh, another Nanoha fan. So: Elsewhere, there are only trees, which grow directly out of the water. -desdendelle


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