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A girl who goes by D online. A natural brunette from the United States who is in her early 20s. D lives to help others. No, seriously. She tries to live her life as honestly as possible.

Most of her own creative works involve an Author Avatar who is quite involved. She enjoys listening to the Ataris, but she also enjoys Don Henley's original version of "The Boys of Summer". D is not a fan of CLAMP but she is a fan of Clover. She also appreciates Joss Whedon's work but thinks the man himself is kind of a jerk.


She has often been told, "I hope you never use drugs, because you act like you're already on them." D does not personally approve of homosexuality, but her brother is gay and a good high school friend is bi, so she has no problem with people personally. If one refused to be friends with everyone who did something one disagreed with, one would have no friends, is her philosophy. D thinks money is an important factor in romance, but not the deciding factor.

She finds Lost fascinating, but ultimately too intimidating to actually watch. D has a very low tolerance for perverts. She has a very loose-knit group of friends. D once took kendo lessons, and would greatly like to pick it back up again.

D has eclectic musical tastes, ranging from ska to southern rock. She wants to do an Aspect Montage photo album of various locations. She also thinks that Face Cams are awesome. She enjoys using characters who suffer their Wangst quietly.


D is tenderhearted but tends to squee over fictional destruction and mayhem. She was once in a very short Secret Relationship simply in an attempt to avoid gossip. Her own primary fictional work stems from Creator Breakdown, though that breakdown has long since been resolved. She very much wants to watch The Tudors mostly because Joss Stone is in it, but Jonathon Rhys Meyers doesn't hurt either.

D has been called "The Cuteness" by her friends on a regular basis. She enjoys most Hayao Miyazaki movies. CS Lewis is her absolute favorite author ever. She enjoys the music of Lifehouse.

D has been an Anime fan for about 13 years now. She is cautious of Adaptations, but can appreciate a good one. It is surprisingly difficult to disturb her in traditional ways. She has a habit of throwing Gratuitous Foreign Language phrases into her speech, which is probably annoying.


D enjoys movies where characters Rage Against the Reflection. She loves animals but thinks it would be kind of creepy if they could actually talk. She wishes she could sing so that she could do musicals. She knows more about comic books than most of her guy friends, including her boyfriend.

D and her boyfriend often have Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot conversations. She enjoys Film Noir. D is an agent for change. She misses the days of good Chick Flicks. She adores swords.

She is also very proud of writing her first novel for this entry.


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