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Member of Alternate History Dot Com, and rather over-fond of The British Empire, monarchy and huge empires and superstates in general. Comes from Wales. Likes making maps, though most of the early ones had space-filling empires. Unlike most Brits (and indeed most Europeans) on, he is a major supporter of United Europe.

A guest author and occasional guest star on AH Dot Com The Series. A main author and major character in its Spin-Off series AH Dot Com The Next Generation.

Analytical Engine is the author of The Britwank Empire, Vive la Francewank, Her Diamond Heart, Once More unto the Chappa'ai and Power Rangers Gunslinger Company. He also did some maps and a guest piece for Decades Of Darkness.

Big fan of Science Fiction and Alternate History, especially ones that combine the two together. Especially if its Steampunk and/or Diesel Punk.