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Hello everybody. My usual name on the interwebs is Aaymeirah. I have little social life so I browse websites like this one, so you know, I'll have even less in common with people when I try to talk to them in real life. I write fanfiction under the same name on both Archive of Our Own here and here For any curious ones, you can browse the list of tropes that fit me in some ways and also check out the links to some of my major fanfics.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, I work on a situational basis and I freely admits to being an Eclectic Troper

    Applicable Tropes 
    Written Works 
  • Jury Summons Written in the Sherlock(TV) Fandom. Words: 26,120 Chapters: 26/26. Sherlock receives a letter. JURY SUMMONS it says. No way, he says. Sherlock knows that when you're part of a jury, you have to decide the fate of someone. That doesn't bother him. What does is the boredom. And Sherlock has never been good dealing with a lack of stimulus. Or ignoring a convoluted murder.
  • Chosen ones Written in the Valdemar fandom.
Words: 15,223 Chapters: 4/4. Four choosing stories, each featuring my OCs introduced in 'to be a Heraldic Trainee'.

  • 1-Meryl is afraid of horses. But what's this? A Companion?

    • 2-Alyn is in disgrace and banished from Haven. While snowed into a inn, a Bard with no instrument, horse or pack comes stumbling in.

    • 3-May your life be interesting, curse the Shin'a'in, Richenda certainly got that when a brawl started.

    • 4-Mac, and orphan lives at the Monastery of Juros the Helping Hand. A dead Herald and severely injured Companion are found by a dangerous stream. Why is the Companion still alive, what does he want with Mac?
    • part one of Tales from the Collegium series.
  • To be a Heraldic Trainees Written in the Valdemar fandom. Words: 19,271 Chapters: 6/6. Come Hell or high water, Meryl and her friends are determined to earn their whites. (or die trying.) A series of stand alone stories featuring my OCs in the land of Valdemar.

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