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Trivia / World's End Club
aka: Death March Club

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  • Crossdressing Voices: Every male character in the Go-Getters Club except for Aniki is voiced by a woman in both dubs.
  • Creator's Oddball: Notably lacks the dark and intense elements of Kodaka and Uchikoshi’s earlier works (including blood of any kind).
  • Dummied Out: There are unused portraits showing the characters with glowing eyes after awakening their skill.
  • No Dub for You: The Apple Arcade early release was not dubbed into English. The Nintendo Switch complete version was dubbed, however, and with it, brought the English dub to the Apple Arcade version with its corresponding update.
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  • Relationship Voice Actor: In the Japanese dub, Pochi and Jennu are Makoto/Nagito and Junko. Neither have any heated debate about Hope and Despair this time.
  • Short Run in Peru: The Switch version of the game launched in Europe, likely unintentionally, two weeks before any other country.

Alternative Title(s): Death March Club