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Trivia / Viridian: The Green Guide

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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: During Izuku's research into the Berserkers, he finds out that Quirk transfers trigger an autoimmune response in the receiver's body which leads to death within a few years. The manga later confirmed that Quirked wielders of One for All suffer a greatly-reduced life expectancy.
  • What Could Have Been: Ogawa was originally supposed to die, but Clouds realized it was better for the story if he survived.
    Clouds: The plan was always to kill Ogawa. From the moment I decided to make him a major character, he was slated to die. The list of things my readers have changed my mind on is very short. If I have nothing planned, I take inspiration from you, but if I have an idea in my brain, it's hard to change my mind once it is decided. I legitamalty had a whole mourning process when I had to let go of killing this poor character and realized it was better for the story if he survived. So really, this meme is the opposite of what happened. Instead of, "oh no, I'm going to kill this character," it was 100% "Oh no, I have to let this character live."

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