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Izuku will end up carrying a knife at some point.
  • Izuku himself is considering bringing a weapon after he had to get into a fight to prevent a rape - given both Mastermind: Strategist for Hire and Deku? I think he's some pro... had Izuku choosing knives, I suspect he'll end up choosing them in this fic.
    • In Chapter 6, he picks up a box-cutter, and thinks that he should get better knives for future fights.
    • Ultimately confirmed - Izuku buys a utility knife one chapter later whilst shopping for weapons.

Izuku will end up in the Support class.

Izuku will end up in Class 1-B.

Inko will file a lawsuit against Aldera.
  • After being brought in due to Izuku being beaten up by bullies, she ended up finding out her child was being punished for "instigating a fight", then she ended up learning just how poorly Izuku had been treated there, and for how long. The chances of her suing the school over this are almost certain.

The Aldera teachers are part of the Meta Liberation Army.
  • Time and time again, it has been stated that the staff of Aldera Middle School blatantly favor children with strong Quirks, hate Izuku, and don't punish students for using their Quirks. All of which align with the Meta Liberation Army's goals and ideals.

Kaminari will work out Izuku is Viridian.
  • Between Izuku buying equipment at a hardware store he worked at, showing a surprising amount of knowledge of combat, and Kaminari finding out about an injury Izuku took due to his vigilantism (which he claimed to be from parkour), he's been given plenty of chances to work out the double life Izuku is leading.
    • Building on that, Kaminari will join him.

Amplifier will be Queen Bee's next host.
  • * Amplifier was the first here Viridian guided and one of the ones he's friendliest with. The guilt of getting Amplifier infected by Queen Bee and the risk of her being killed like Kohaku would provide plenty of angst for Izuku.


Hagakure will be Queen Bee's next host.
  • All For One mentions that Queen Bee's new host will pose as an UA student, and that her quirk will cover for the most obvious sign (lacking one eye). Hagakure's invisibility works perfectly for this.

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