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Trivia / Tom and Jerry: Spy Quest

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  • Canon Welding: In a way, Tom and Jerry hadn't done much direct cross overs with other Hanna-Barbera series. They did however appear in the 50th Anniversary Special and in various ads over the years. This seems to be a sign this will happen more often now.note 
  • Creators Odd Ball: This movie is written by Jim Krieg and Heath Corson, with this being the only Tom and Jerry project that either one did.
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  • Follow the Leader: The Tom and Jerry Direct To Video Film Series has been using this template of mixing Tom and Jerry with another franchise for several movies before this. However, it's their first with another Hanna-Barbera franchise.
  • Role Reprise: Eric Bauza, who voiced Dr. Quest on Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, reprises the role for the movie.


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