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  • Acting for Two: Riiser is now playing himself AND the manifestations of his own sins.
  • Approval of God: Several creators, including those of Bostin Heroes, Pikasemechu, and Axe Cop have found his quite negative reviews and taken them in stride, most of them even finding his work funny.
    • Completley averted with Leoian of Project 2nd who tried to pull down the negative review twice.
    • JeyOdin of Hammer enjoyed his review of his comic, even doing an interview with him and admitting he'd been watching him for a while.
  • Old Shame: His old webcomics, which he admits were pretty much a ripoff of Bizarre Uprising, which he no longer likes as much as he used to.
    • Also, he's looked at Yahtzee's Old Shame of a webcomic, Yahtzee Takes On The World.
      • And finally, when it comes to his reviews, he previously reviewed Homestuck based solely on Act 1. He later went on to review the entire comic as a whole, realizing that it was better when seen from that perspective.
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    • His livestream about Lightbringer, as Riiser felt the stream devolved from a roasting of the comic to a personal mockery on Lewis' character. Because of this, the stream was unlisted and he given a more proper review in the 4th season finale after getting a few elephants out of the room.

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