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  • Creator's Favorite Episode:
    • RM's favorite episode is "Chalk Justice". Before that, it was "Mansion Life of Mutual Killing" (The Danganronpa parody).
    • PlatinumMage's favorite episodes were mostly first season episodes, due to their random natures. Out of those, he especially likes "Pokémon Squad Go to Egypt" and "The RM That Would Be King".
    • Sailor Pikachu and MM also quite like "Chalk Justice". Before that episode, Sailor Pikachu's favorite was "Sailor Pikachu's Goodbye".
  • Old Shame: According to the Q&A sections of the Milestone Celebration episodes, the first season is much-maligned by both RM and Sailor Pikachu, due to being more nonsensical and childish. Best exemplified in the MM-era episode "Cigarette Ash":
    RM (criticizing Larry for trying to stuff morals into the series): Secondly, do any kids even READ this fanfic anymore? I mean, we've more or less changed the target demographic to teens and young adults. The target demographic hasn't really been kids since, like, season one. And that's the season we all like to forget ever existed.
    • Ironically, PlatinumMage likes the first season because of its random humor.
    • For specific episodes, nobody in the crew likes the pilot episode, "Pokémon Roasting on an Open Fire" due to it making no sense (RM and Sailor Pikachu were mostly new to this, and didn't know what the other one was planning). PlatinumMage never read this episode, but he says he's glad he hasn't from what RM told him.
    • RM felt this about the punchline of the entire episode "Not All Ramen" (which revolved around May putting cocaine in it), which contributed in it being removed. Several other episodes were removed for offensive jokes that would up too important to edit out.
  • Word of Gay: According to Sailor Pikachu during a Q&A from the 200th Episode, the majority of the cast is "either bisexual or might as well be". However, there are exceptions (such as RM himself, who is just metrosexual). MM isn't either, but an inside joke was that if RM was female, MM would be attracted to him.

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