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Trivia / The Parole Officer

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  • Doubling For Manchester: Set in Manchester, most of the film was shot in Liverpool, forty miles away. Leads to hilarity/rage from locals, since (a) the towns look very different, especially their skylines, and (b) there is a centuries-old rivalry between them.
  • Enforced Method Acting: Om Puri (George) was actually terrified while filming the roller coaster scene. The look on his face is pure fright.
  • Old Shame: Steve Coogan, speaking of the film in The Guardian Online, said:
    Whenever I think of The Parole Officer, I squirm. And when someone says they like it, I think, “Really, why?” I’m pleased that they like it, but it’s like a children’s film.
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  • What Could Have Been: Steve Coogan wanted Roger Moore for a cameo.


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