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Funny / The Parole Officer

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  • Any scene that comes with Ride of the Valkyries.
  • The roller-coaster scene
  • The art museum. That is all.
  • "It's get Kirsty in!"
  • This argument between Simon and Colin:
    Colin What we dont need is a curly headed wanker trying to be Captain Kirk.
    Simon Garden At least he got things done. Imagine you looking for Spock in Star Trek 4: "Oh, sorry, we couldnt find him".
    Colin [laughs] That was Star Trek 3. It was called "The Search for Spock!"
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  • The big reveal of George's criminal history... in the middle of an increasingly botched bank raid:
    George: I'm a serial bigamist.
    Simon: I think we need to focus on the problem here.
    George: I just like weddings!
    Simon: Not that problem. This problem.

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