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Trivia / The Pacific

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  • Approval of God: Eugene Sledge's family was so impressed by Joseph Mazzello's performance that they gave him the pipe Sledge carried during the war.
  • California Doubling: Australia doubles for all the locations in the series, including California.
  • Fake American:
    • There are some American soldiers that Australian viewers might recognize. The biggest example is Gunny Haney, played by veteran Australian actor Gary Sweet. Another example is the Seabee looking to buy a Japanese sword or weapon, also played by an Australian actor known through the Australian drama Sea Patrol.
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    • Burgin is played by Martin McCann, who's Irish, and Bill Leyden's played by a Canadian actor. There are also a few other British and Canadian actors playing Americans.
    • Lew "Chuckler" Juergens is portrayed by Australian actor Josh Helman.
    • The nurse Phyllis is played by the South African born Australian Cariba Heine.
  • Name's the Same: J.P. Morgan doesn't appear to have any relation to the famous financier.
  • Star-Making Role: For Rami Malek, as the series led to him getting cast in Mr. Robot.


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