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Trivia / The House by the Cemetery

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  • Canon Discontinuity: The film's status as the third film in a "Gates of Hell" trilogy; while Fulci never gave a straight answer on the issue, Blackest Heart Media (who struck a deal in the late 90s with Fulci's estate to merchandise his films and adapt them as graphic novels) took the stance that it was a stand-alone film and planned on producing a direct sequel to "The Beyond" which would have been the official third and final part of the trilogy. Unfortunately, the Beyond sequel never got published and Anchor Bay and Blue Underground (who has the DVD rights to Fulci's films) pretty much treat it as such.
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  • Trailers Always Spoil
  • What Could Have Been: Laura's death was supposed to culminate with an eye-gouging, but Fulci removed it for looking too fake.

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