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Trivia / The Aldrich Family

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  • Dawson Casting: Ezra Stone played the role of Henry Aldrich in the radio version until he was well into his 30s (he was just 15 years younger than House Jameson, who played his father), while Jackie Kelk played the role of Homer Brown until he was in his late 20s (including on the first series of the television version).
  • Dyeing for Your Art: By the time the television adaptation began in 1949, House Jameson's hair had turned white, and he was told it would not film well, so he was asked to dye it blue. He compromised by putting blue makeup powder in his hair for each day's filming.
  • The Other Darrin: The fact that Henry remained a teenager throughout the series meant that cast changes were inevitable (see the main page for the film and radio examples), but the television series in particular had so many changes that each season featured an almost entirely new central cast. In all, fourteen different actors and actresses were rotated in and out of four of the five major roles:
    • Henry Aldrich was played by Robert Casey, Richard Tyler, Henry Girard, Kenneth Nelson, and finally Bobby Ellis (who also played the role on radio).
    • Mary Aldrich was played by Charita Bauer, Mary Malone, and June Dayton.
    • Alice Aldrich was played by Lois Wilson, Nancy Carroll, and Barbara Robbins.
    • Homer Brown was played by Jackie Kelk, Robert Barry, and Jackie Grimes (Kelk and Grimes also played the role on radio).
    • The lone aversion was Sam Aldrich, who was played throughout the series by House Jameson (who also played the role on radio).note 


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