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Trivia / Super Smash Wars

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  • Creator's Apathy: The reason why The Last Hero does not have an orchestrated score by Joshua Peterson is because James Farr was no longer passionate enough to commission the score, according to this comment.
    James Farr: But essentially, I only commission Josh for things I'm passionate about. And this.....wasn't one of those things.
  • Franchise Zombie: James Farr's comments on The Last Hero indicate that he has "diminishing emotional investment" in the sequel trilogy and he is no longer passionate about it, but is continuing to adapt the films out of obligation to avoid leaving Super Smash Fans hanging.
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  • Word of God: According to comments made by James Farr, the prequels and the rest of the sequel trilogy likely will be done, while Star Wars: The Clone Wars is a no. It's still unknown, however, if he'll do the spin-offs like Rogue One or Solo.