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    Character Predictions 
Padme is Pauline
They are both politicians (Padme is a princess-turned-senator; Pauline is a mayor in Super Mario Odyssey), their names both begin with Pa- and end with -e (her mashup name could even be Pauliné Amidalady), and they are both chronologically predecessors for the more well-known female character in their respective series (Leia as the female protagonist of the original trilogy; Peach as the Damsel in Distress saved by Mario).

Senator Palpatine is Mew
Just as Palpatine appeared to be a kind unassuming old man before he became the Obviously Evil Emperor, the cute and innocent-looking Mew would fit that appearance before becoming the more villainous-looking Mewtwo in Episode IIInote . When appearing as Darth Sidious while speaking to the Separatists, Mew could just throw on a cloak and wear Majora's Mask, just as Emperor Mew-Jora does when he first appears in Return of the Hero.

Young Obi-Wan Kenobi is Rauru
Seems pretty obvious, but if the prequels are ever adapted, then a young Owlbi-Wan Kaepora should be modeled after Rauru, the Sage of Light who later became Kaepora Gaebora.

Zam Wesell is Gandrayda
A female humanoid shapeshifting bounty hunter associated with the color purple? I dare you to find a more perfect match. For bonus points, Wesell worked with and then was killed by Jango Fett, while Gandrayda worked with and then was killed by Samus, who is already cast in the role of Jango's clone Boba in Super Smash Wars.

Rose is Isabelle
The obvious reason for this is because Finn is represented by the Villager, and Isabelle was announced in SSBU, but besides that, both are sweet, well-meaning, and Isabelle's implied crush on the Mayor would fit well with how Rose acts toward Finn in the film.
  • Confirmed.

Jango Fett and the clone troopers are Samus.
Given that Samus played Boba Fett in the original trilogy, who was revealed to be a clone of Jango, then it shouldn't come as a surprise that all the clone troopers and Jango will be played by Samus.
  • Jango's equivalent could also use Dark Samus' armor since both Jango Fett's armor and Dark Samus have blue and dark colors.

Captain Falcon will play the role of Kyle Katarn
Both have a reputation for being Memetic Badasses in their respective universes and both are mercenaries as well.

Jango Fett is Raven Beak
Raven Beak wears the same Chozo power armor as Samus, donated his DNA to her, and regards her as his daughter. It's almost a perfect match for Jango and his relationship with Boba; the only missing piece is that Raven Beak isn't a bounty hunter. But one can easily imagine how Raven Beak raising Samus in this crossover's prequel trilogy would lead to her subsequent Adaptational Villainy in the original trilogy.