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  • Throw It In!: The reasoning behind the fake White Fang item in Iceolation is that Vechs screwed up making a custom item he intended to be fully functional. It was left in the game intentionally, and a side plot was created centering around a long-dead witch who built both it and the real White Fang, hiding the latter in an optional dungeon.
  • Trolling Creator: Well, yes. One such example is in his own developer playthrough of Spellbound Caves. In the hallway to the Black Heart Citadel there is a chest labelled "Enchanted Diamond Armor" which serves to lure the player into a lava trap. The chest only contains a raw fish. Vechs disabled the trap in his playthrough and filled the chest with real diamond armour in order to mess with players who watch his playthrough before playing the map themselves.

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