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    The maps themselves 
  • All of the brown wool dungeons are made specifically to be silly. Honorable mentions are "Fleeceception" from Spellbound Caves, and in Sunburn Islands, in which the game literally just hands it to you.
  • The Totally Legit Pig Temple in Inferno Mines. For one, you enter it through the butt. At the far end of the temple is a Death Sentence, one of the best weapons in the game. But to get to it? There's a bed of TNT in the pig's belly. And a part of the wooden floor is made of pressure plates. And there's a Zistykin and charged Creeper spawner at the end, and those mobs will walk over the pressure plates to reach you. Granted, the pressure plates are duds, but a charged Creeper will set off the TNT regardless. It's all incredibly ridiculous, but at the same time, incredibly scary to traverse.
  • Also in Inferno Mines, Wilhelm Cliffs. It's intended for Let's Players to come in, use the provided Knockback weapons to shove enemies off the cliffs, and edit in the Wilhelm scream every time that happens.
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