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  • Breather Level: The Brown Wool dungeons will generally evoke this in the Linear-Branching maps. Since the areas go by order of data value, the Brown Wool area will typically be the fourth-last dungeon to be attempted, and thus are preceeded and followed by the dungeons of middling and difficult challenge. They're easy on a level that can be compared to starting areas; They lack any kind of trap, and in some cases, are fully lit up and prevent monsters from spawning.
  • Demonic Spiders:
    • Cave Spiders. Their original Minecraft appearance gets a bit of a pass, since they're scarcely fought with another enemy present and are rare on top of that. In Super Hostile though, their poison is the essense of nightmares, cancelling out your passive regeneration and whittling you down to half a heart so that another enemy present can finish you with impunity.
      • Their Invis Spider variants are far worse. While their lower health is quite a downside (enough to be one-shotted by most weapons), it's difficult to take advantage of when it's damn near impossible to see them coming.
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    • Player Assassins are very aptly named. They're essentially default Creepers riding on top of default Cave Spiders. These get very frightening very quickly - the spiders make the creepers incredibly mobile, simply attacking the creeper won't knock it back because it's still riding the spider, and these jockeys are even able to prime themselves and detonate as they chase you.
    • Zistykin. They spawn invincible for a few seconds, have Jump Boost to get over any obstacles you attempt to put between yourself and the pigman, deal some nasty damage if they manage to get you, and have the inherent Pigman trait of hitting you from further away. While they do have the crippling weakness of not having their AI pathing updated at the same time as other mobs, getting pushed into the hole full of Zistykin is a death sentence.
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    • Boomers. Take everything that stock Creepers were deadly for, and crank it up to eleven. They are charged 100% of the time. They explode instantly if the player is in range. Because they're created from spawners, be wary of one appearing right in front of you as you attempt to destroy their source.
    • The Fast and Well-Equipped Zombies featured in Miner's Cavern. Both of them are faster than normal Zombies; the Fast one runs quick enough to outpace Baby Zombies, which are the usual go-to Demonic Spider of vanilla Minecraft. Well-Equipped zombies can be especially lethal, since their knockback resistance augments their speed and allows them to become really scary in melee range. Even Tali thinks they're freaky, and it'll take a lot of planning ahead to get around the area they're in.
    • The two types of special Creepers in Diggus Lode Mine. The aptly-named Bringer of the Feeshpocalypes creates a regeneration and poison cloud when it detonates, in an area full of Silverfish blocks; what ends up happening is that the Silverfish will call for help every time they take damage, and won't actually die to the poison ticks due to having the regeneration on it. The other one is an invisible Creeper that blows you up, and unlike the aforementioned Boomers, are truly invisible and can only be identified by the occasional potion swirl.
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  • Moe: The first named character with a personality, Tali Ortega of Iceolation, is definitely this for many players. She decorates an abandoned geothermal plant full of pink wool, uses "yayifications" to express joy, and thinks spiders are gross (unless they're getting stuck on walls, in which case they're cute). Pretty much the only traits about her that don't say out "precious baby" tend to instead be fairly relatable to players, like how she thinks that the Villagers' Artificial Atmospheric Actions are too artificial, to the point where they should be considered animals instead of people.
  • That One Level:

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