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Trivia / South Park S 1 E 5 An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig

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  • Executive Meddling: Comedy Central censors ordered a scene removed that involved Shelley setting Stan on fire (and then dousing him with water, explaining a puddle that suddenly appears underneath him in the episode). This was due to fear of another Beavis and Butt-Head-style controversy. As early deleted and removed scenes (pre-season 10) tended to be destroyed afterwards or lost in some other way, the scene lives on through a leaked video rip that someone had made back in the early days of the show.
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  • Orphaned Reference: Stan is lying down in a puddle of water. This is a reference to a deleted scene where his sister Shelley set him on fire and threw a bucket of water to douse the flames, only for her to repeat the process over and over again.


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