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The following are Trivia facts relating to SonicSong182.

  • Cross-Dressing Voices: PlatinumSpeed (who as of 2016 came out as transgender) performs the voices of Sonic, Knuckles, and Omega even before her transition, as well as Silver and Eggman post-transition.
  • Dear Negative Reader: After the very first episode of Ask the Sonic Heroes was released, there was a vocal portion of impatient fans who complained that their question wasn't answered. Soon enough, Kn became frustrated with the complaints and made a public comment letting everyone know that she wasn't pleased. The complaints quickly died down (only a few pop up nowadays,) and a rule blacklisting complainers and guilt-trippers was established.
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  • Fake Brit: The Frog Prince speaks in an English accent. His voice actor, skull902, is an American.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: Going by the "team" theming from Ask the Sonic Heroes, the fans were christened Team 182.
  • Follow the Leader: There have been quite a few Sonic plush fan channels inspired by the series.
  • Lost Episode:
    • The Rouge Bid, one of the earliest SS182 projects, dramatizing the events of Kn getting the extremely rare Rouge plush for the show. It was half-filmed, but never finished.
    • Subverted with Sonic Goes to Disneyland. The SD card that had all the footage stored on it was lost for a time but later recovered, with the episode being edited and released three years after it was filmed.
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: After sexual misconduct allegations of PlatinumSpeed, the voice actress of Sonic, were uncovered, it was announced that she would no longer be working with SonicSong182 anymore.
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  • Screwed by the Lawyers: The original version of Sonic Chefs - Peppermint Hot Chocolate was hit by a copyright claim, and became unviewable in most countries. It was eventually changed to remove the offending music and reuploaded in 2016.
  • Series Hiatus: After Sonic Chefs - Christmas Tree Cake (released on Christmas Eve 2011,) new videos were sporadically uploaded until Episode 13 of Ask the Sonic Heroes (released on January 5, 2014.) The channel then became inactive for over two and a half years, coming back with Kn's first live stream on October 28, 2016, consistently putting out new videos since.
  • The Other Darrin: Many examples...
    • Originally, Cream the Rabbit was voiced by II Rougethe Bat II before she left the series. After Kn did a brief stint as her understudy, StarchildOrko became Cream's voice actress.
    • Knuckles' first voice was SquirrelyProductions before the role was taken over by BeatBlox, who eventually stepped aside to let PlatinumSpeed voice the red echidna.
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    • skull902 has always been the speaking voice of Big, but has only sung as him twice (in Be My Valentine - Or ELSE! and Episode 17 of Ask the Sonic Heroes.) If you've heard Big sing, most of the time it's been Kn. In Sonic's Nightmare Before Christmas, sbfullmer did Big's singing parts.
    • Silver was voiced by Sykorax until Sonic Chefs - Valentines Pizza Hearts, when he was replaced by PlatinumSpeed. Sykorax would later return to the role of voicing Silver in Episode 30.
    • Marine is usually voiced by xBlackTaintedHeartx, but in all her Ask the Sonic Heroes appearances, she's voiced by Ames.
    • Dr. Eggman, in the movies, is voiced by BoyleVoices, but in Ask the Sonic Heroes, he has been voiced by PlatinumSpeed (in Episodes 5 and 15) and Sykorax (Episode 9.)
    • Maria Robotnik was first voiced by Kn, but has since been voiced by Sasuya and AderuMoro.
    • Wave the Swallow has been played by Kn and ElkaChan.
    • Storm the Albatross, voiced by Aussieroth7 in the movies, and Sykorax in Ask the Sonic Heroes.
  • Voice Acting For Two:
    • Kn as Rouge, Blaze, the first voice of Bokkun, and understudy for Cream.
    • Ames as Amy Rose and Charmy Bee.
    • PlatinumSpeed as Sonic, Omega, Knuckles' third voice, Eggman's second voice, and Silver's second voice.
    • Sykorax as Silver's first voice and understudy for Eggman.
    • skull902 as Big, the Frog Prince, and Santa Claus.

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