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  • Fan Nickname:
    • Botch Cara. That being said, while both performers of the gimmick are known for botching, the first performer, Luis Urive, is more well-known for this.
    • Soda Cara. A name that originated from a backstage report about a backstage fight between Sin Cara and Simon Gotch, in which the former gave the latter a black eye by throwing a loaded soda can at his face. Soda Cara is a Memetic Badass who many claim should face Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.
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  • Follow the Leader: WWE was hoping to emulate Rey Mysterio's popularity with Sin Cara when they signed Mistico in 2011. This didn't go so well, due to a number of reasons: he skipped developmental, called his matches in Spanish because he didn't want to learn English, and got injured a lot. He was then released, and with Hunico has taken up the role, time will tell if they do anything with him at all except being paired with Kalisto in NXT.
  • The Other Darrin: Started as Luis Urive (the former Mistico) & now Jorge Arias (Hunico).
  • Role-Ending Misdemeanor: Whilst the former Mistico suffered a wellness policy violation early into his tenure as Sin Cara in 2011, he remained in the role until late 2013, when he gave Alberto Del Rio a concussion. Since then, Arias has played the Sin Cara character, whilst WWE let Urive's contract run out.
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  • Throw It In!: The original Sin Cara suffered a wellness policy violation a few months into his WWE tenure, which led to the eventual Hunico stepping into the role until he was allowed to return, and the Sin Cara Azul/Sin Cara Negro storyline. The irony was that Hunico was better in the role than Mistico, which eventually led to him taking on the role permanently when Mistico was released.

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