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Trivia / Search for Sandvich

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  • Acting for Two: Just like in Team Fortress 2, Gary Schwartz plays both Demoman and Heavy, and Dennis Bateman plays both Spy and Pyro. In these videos, Schwartz puts on a beanie and eyepatch to play Demoman, and Bateman puts on a gas mask to play Pyro, providing visual cues to whenever they switch characters.
  • Role Reprise: Robin Atkin Downes (Medic), John Patrick Lowrie (Sniper), Gary Schwartz (Demoman/Heavy), Ellen McLain (Administrator), Dennis Bateman (Spy/Pyro), and Nolan North (Merasmus) reprise their respective roles from Team Fortress 2.
  • Staff-Created Fan Work: These are not official Team Fortress 2 videos, but they are created by the actual voice actors from the game.
  • Throw It In: Everything in the videos is done as improv.