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  • Dueling Games: With RollerCoaster Tycoon World, released by Atari. Parkitect, a smaller game that more emulates the first two RollerCoaster Tycoon games dueled the former alongside Planet Coaster. Largely one-sided, however as Planet and Parkitect were received well by RCT fans old and new, whereas World floundered with poor critical reception due to bugs, poor graphics and a general lack of polish. World had 32% positive Steam reviews on November 19, shortly after launch, whereas Planet Coaster had 94%.
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  • Pre-Order Bonus: When it was first announced, you could pre-order the game, along with the ability to buy the Early Bird Special (which allowed you to play the alpha) and a Coaster Head Club invitation. When the game was moved to Steam, you could buy the Thrillseeker version for the standard price of Planet Coaster, although it was removed when the game was released. Likewise, all players who already pre-ordered the game got the Thrillseeker version.
  • The Wiki Rule: Has its very own wikia.

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