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  • Disowned Adaptation: In his regular column on Newtype, the creator stated that he hated the New Season adaption, because this was not his version of Papillon Rose. This probably has to do with the production completely stripping off the naughty elements of the original fanfiction and ignoring it's "second season", changing the story's setting and removing the characters' original personalities.
  • Bad Export for You: Due to legal problems and a troubled production (see below), all international releases of the series were censored.
  • Executive Meddling / Troubled Production: The OVA 2003 had no legal problem in order to be released on DVD, but what about the TV series? Here's a summary:
    • There were originally supposed to be six episodes of the 2003 OVA series, but for some reason, the creator had stated in the BBS Board that the project was reduced to one episode after the first OVA episode was released.
    • When the television series premiered in 2006, the opening and ending replaced with the OVA OP/ED for legal reasons. Risqué scenes were also censored. Censorship is such that even the opening and ending credits were censored.
    • Eventually the series was released on DVD uncensored with the official opening and ending... until chapter 3. The DVD release was canceled after.
    • In 2007, the producers decided to release the DVD-BOX. They no longer have the original masters (or can't use) of the series, so they had to rely on the videos from the censored TV release.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The cancelled DVD uncensored release. If you know where you find, you can buy the first three uncensored episodes. Since it's an 2006 series, it's very cheap. On the Internet, you can find the three episodes, but in low quality.
    • At least one semi-official english version of the theme songs (Rosetta) is known to have existed and was recorded by Papillon Cosmos's voice actress. It is considered lost to this day.
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  • Name's the Same: A Magical Girl protagonist who wears pink and is named Tsubomi. Are we talking about Papillon Rose or Cure Blossom?
  • No Export for You: All the supplementary material that was released on the Comiket (The Other Wiki mentions: a promotional clip, a soundtrack CD, a mahjong game and screensavers) never left Japan.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • In the original BBS board, there were negotiations about character image songs between fans and moderators. Most of the original amateur cast had a singing background from other works.
    • Should the original limited animation plan have worked out to make the ONA series a reality, each episode was going to last about a minute or so, as it was noted in Kanari Kanzaki's site.
    • In-universe, the R archive mentions R's planned followup seasons (Papillon Rose S, Papillon Rose SS, Papillon Rose Frottage). A followup project called Shinshuku Byubbyu~ is also mention.
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    • During the G updates of the website, fans dug out previously unseen images of an teen Kotsubomi with a taser, suggesting a teenage version of her was drawn at some point. A picture of Papillon Violet, a villain who died in the previous season, was also included, implying she was going to cameo in the R story in a scene with Adonis and Lupinus (they had corresponding matching screenshots).
    • As noted above, if the OVA series was completed, it would be six episodes long.
    • The New season series was meant to be 13 episodes long, with only six of them making the final cut. If the DVD release was issued as planned, an audio drama cd with snippets of the cut episodes was going to be released as well.


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