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Trivia / No Holds Barred

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  • Defictionalization: Inasmuch as Professional Wrestling can invoke this. The character of Zeus became an extremely short lived WWE Superstar in 1989, as Vince McMahon was eager to promote the film on TV. Thus, he decided to bring in Tiny Lister, portraying his Zeus character, to face Hulk Hogan in a series of matches over the course of the year (with the angle, such as it was, being that he was insane enough to believe he was the real star of the film). Unfortunately, Lister's lack of wrestling skills wound up hampering the storyline, and they only faced as participants in tag team matches. Rumor has it Vince wanted a Wrestlemania VI match between the two before he finally sent Lister packing and decided on Hogan vs The Ultimate Warrior instead. He would later join the Alliance to End Hulkamania in WCW.
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  • What Could Have Been: Meryl Streep was originally cast as Samantha, but ended up being fired after having creative disputes with Hogan.


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