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  • Bad Virtual Export For You:
    • A redesign of Nico Nico Douga brought about the Spanish, German, and v2 of the Taiwanese versions of the site. However, all of these have stagnated since, with none of them receiving the major changes (such as the new player) brought about in the latest redesign.
    • The initial English NND launch only allows viewers to see and search for English videos. This has since been remedied with the launch of an English version integrated with the original Japanese website.
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    • The PS Vita app was released in both Japanese and English; however, while the Japanese version continued to see support since launch, the English version, which suffered identical issues to the launch of the original English website, not only lacked several other features, but quickly underwent indefinite maintenance, making the app useless for over three years. This was also remedied after a huge patch in November 2015 brought the English version up to speed and not only reactivated the app, but also added UI overhauls and the ability to watch Japanese videos.
  • Banned in China: All language variants as of December 2010 (cause unknown). Before that, the Chinese-language version was already banned almost as soon as the v2 translation came out, probably due to the use of the Taiwanese/ROC national flag to denote it.
    • Or more likely, due to the political leaning of the site, Taiwanese users included. Using the ROC flag is a minor offense; videos and comments promoting the view that Japan was good to Taiwan and its people while being irredeemably evil to the people of the mainland (plus the standard complaints about China and its government) weren't going to fly.note 
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    • This, however, doesn't mean the Chinese don't like the underlying concept—they just started their own versions of NND instead. These websites, AcFun and BiliBili Douga, have their place in Chinese pop culture to the point that "danmaku", through Pop Culture Osmosis, is known by most as the NND-style commenting system.
  • Mascot: The little white television in the corner, now depicted as a silhouette on the main site. Its name is Terebi-chan.
  • Referenced by...: SiIvaGunner used Terebi-chan (under the name "Nico Nico") to represent the website's MADs and meme culture in their King for Another Day tournament.
  • The Wiki Rule: Several wikis have been made on parts of the Nico Nico community. These are just a few:

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