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Trivia / Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 04 E 24 Manos The Hands Of Fate

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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: Upon seeing Harry P. Warren being credited as the producer and director, Servo jokes that you can find him in the Yellow Pages for the Fertilizer Corporation of Texas. Sure enough, Warren was actually a fertilizer salesman in real life — however, since the film had been listed in the Psychotronic Movie Guide, and noted Warren's profession, Best Brains probably already knew his day job.
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  • Approval of God: Tom Neyman and Jackey Neyman Jones both loved the MST3K take on Manos. The two were even already fans of the show before they showed the movie, and years later Jackey would actually become good friends with several of the MST3K cast members. Joel even wrote the foreword in her book.
  • Magnum Opus Dissonance: Hodgson stated in an interview he felt Manos wasn't the best experiment the show had done. The entire crew was so caught off guard by the sheer inexplicable weirdness of the film that they weren't able to bring their A-game.
  • Parody Retcon: By the end of the experience, Warren predicted Manos could be redubbed as a comedy and make good money. How right he was…
  • You Look Familiar: Future MST3K host Michael J. Nelson appears as "Torgo" in the closing segment.
  • The Calvin and Hobbes strip seen at the final host segment is from December 20, 1992.


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